The Cadavre Exquis NO.5

Click on the images to get a zoomed in view

Thanks to everyone who participated in this weeks Cadavre Exquis. As always we got an interesting story with mysterious charaters and a sweet honey ending. And THIS TIME there was a give-away. Those who commented partcipated for a SNOU gift certificate worth 20USD.

And the winner is......:

Kathryn from black bird letter press, whose fantastic

lady with scissors letterpress notebook

was featured in the list.

Congratulations Kathryn!

The cadavre exquis was widely used by surrealists as a way of entertainment and to develop creative abilities. Maybe you know this „game“ from your childhood. It is usually done on paper using text or drawings.

My CE lists are an „open“ version of the game. Each person writes one sentence, in the end the sentences add up to a story. The list is used as a source of inspiration (other comments are written between parenthesis...).

Click on the images to get a zoomed view and read the story.

Enjoy and cheers!

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