Cadavre Exquis

A lot of you have probably played "cadavre exquis" ( exquisite corpse or cadaver exquisito) . With images or sentences, you would pass around a folded paper where you could only see the contribution of the last participant based on which you could make your own contribution. In the end you would get a quite funny and absurd story or picture.
I made the experiment of making an open cadavre exquis using a treasury list. The treasury format is optimal. The images of the list help to give some inspiration, the comment thread has the same qualities of the traditional paper, except it is open , everyone can read all the previous contributions. And nevetheless some magical things happen. Just read:

Thank you all for putting your bit of creativity into this wonderful story!!


  1. what fun!!! --i thank you for inviting me to join in your wonderful flight of imagination-- i think this is a brilliant addition to treasury making-- and the images you've brought together are perfectly breathtaking!!

    AND i've been a big fan of your work since i first saw it --- wonderful!!!