Mod3rnart´s istudio: a peek into the workshops of creative people

I was invited to participate in a Blog project called istudio created by Mod3rnart.

Its creator describes the origin to the idea: "...
its birth came from me being interested in where (studio/workshop) artists create their pieces. I want to create a sort of canvas of pictures from all over the world."

Mod3rnart are two young artists from Corfu, Greece (!) whom enjoy making beautiful items and sharing them with the world, as they say themselves.

So I took a look at istudio and loved it!!!

It is like having a key to the workshop of artists, no matter how far apart they are. And even if it is just a small peek, you know that an image speaks more than a thousand words.

It does satisfy the little voyeur in me.
I love getting a peek behind "the curtains" and into the workshops. Usually I think, wow! how can they keep their work spaces so tidy!!!! and organized!!!! did they clean up for the picture??did they always hve such wonderful organized spaces? Were they born with it?!!! (LOVED the before and after picture of Nadine Bozek).

It just gives you a more human idea of the people and places behind a "product",
it adds to its story and to its aura in a
Walter Benjamin sort of way.

When you see a workshop you see more clearly that what comes out of this place was made by a person, lovingly sitting in front of a worktable,
making decisions with eye and heart.

And you realize how different this is than having something that came out of a maschine for the thousandth time. And finally you come to the difference between a product and a piece, an item and a
work of art! And, of course, it inspires me to be more organized in the future!!!

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