Cadavre Exquis 2

This is the second time that I make this small "experiment", this time achieving amazing results. It might seem too bad that there wasn´t enough space to end this story, BUT I think the open end gives each one of us a chance to imagine what happened next. Please do comment with your suggestions!
I wish to thank all of those who participated, putting heart, soul and creativity into your contribution. and do not worry, The Cadavre Exquis will most surely visit again soon, bringing new adventures for our imagination!!!

Wondering why the images are soooo small ? Click on them to zoom in to a readable size!

Then I wrote something approximately like :
She turns around and sees him as well. Suddenly a spark transports her memory to another place. She remembers a tree in the distance, a butterfly in the air, happy times...

I am sorry to say that I couldn´t record the last comment. But then again this story is never over! Please comment and thanks!

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  1. this really went on so beautifully-- feel like i just came off the movie set. i'm glad it was left open ended--just like life! ( but leaving behind such a strong impression and so much for the imagination)
    thanks lucia-- what a wonderfully engaging project--we all loved it. i know i did!!!