MIMA @ SAVVY Berlin Contemporary

Savvy Contemporary Berlin presents

Relicario Parlante (speaking reliquary)
a MIMA music proposal with guest visual artist Eliana Heredia
Tuesday, October 2, 2012

SAVVY Contemporary,

Richardstraße 43/44, 12055 Berlin-Neukölln

Picture by Usue Zapata, Abuelo bar, Vitoria-Gasteiz, 2012
SAVVY Contemporary presents a collaborative work between musician MIMA and visual artist Eliana Heredia. MIMA is a pillar of an emerging DIY music scene in Puerto Rico. This autumn has launched her on a pilgrimage through Europe, a quest on which she has gathered links to new peoples and places, sounds and tones for life and work, a search for words to sing and speak. In SAVVY Contemporary Berlin she meets with Argentinian artist Eliana Heredia, a builder of delicate structures of great fragility and light. Together, they will take on the challenge of collaborative work, presenting a conjunction of music and visuals that join three separate points of the globe and pins them down to one evening.
Conception: Lucia Nieves (snou)
Press Contact: Claudia Lamas Cornejo, contact@savvy-contemporary.com
Further information: www.savvy-contemporary.com

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