Exhibition: SCHMUCK ALS ERINNERUNGSTRÄGER (jewellery as a vessel of memory: lost memories, recovered memories, borrowed memories.)

On the occasion of the 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival and the 650 years of Rixdorf

SNOU: Atelier for Contemporary Jewellery is presenting an exhibition on the theme:


Jewellery as a vessel of memory: lost memories, recovered memories, borrowed memories.


In many cases Jewellery is the vessel of memory. Be it a family heirloom, a present from a dear friend or a loved one, a piece of jewellery can remind us of a family history, a loved person or a specific period in time. The question raised here is, to which extent are we the owners of a memory contained in these objects? Or, to go further, to which extent will we accept the invitation to reinvent ourselves and our histories through the symbols that we wear?


Three jewellery artists will be presenting their works:

Lucia Nieves (Puerto Rico)

Anna Kaufmann (Germany)

Sabine Schoska (Germany)


Lucia Nieves is presenting a limited series of objects which span the gap between Souvenir and Jewellery.


Anna Kaufmann presents a collection of recovered Vintage pieces.


Sabine Schoska presents a series of Jewellery which is the result of a process driven by moments frozen in time through snapshots.


These three young jewellery artists work on the frontier between jewellery, art and design. In their vision, the value of jewellery lies within the meaning and content which a piece communicates. In this way, the most uncommon materials acquire a contemporary value and a new aesthetic.


Exhibition opening:

Friday, June 25 at 7PM.


Saturday 26: 1PM to 9PM

Sunday 27: 4PM to 7PM.



Richardstr. 43-44

12055 Berlin

U Karl Marx Str.

U+S-bahn Neukölln




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