SAVVY CONTEMPORARY, Richardstr. 43/44, Berlin-Neukölln

Vernissage: 17.04.10, 8.30 p.m. (punctual)
Exhibition: 18.02.10 - 15.05.10
Opening hours: Thursday – Sunday, 4 – 8p.m.
The French expression „bouche à oreille“ can be translated
word-to-word as ‘mouth-to-ear’ but actually signifies an oral means
of communication, transmission of information, which is the oldest, most
economic and most intimate method of communication. The strength of the
expression gets almost lost in its English translation “word of
mouth” and gains a cloud of intimidation in its German translation
“Mundpropaganda”. This diversity in perception gives an interesting
inside of the conceptual and contextual background of this expression, which
might reveal a lot about social and political structures or structural
developments. This project invites Yingmei Duan and Verena Kyselka to deliberate on semantic
fields and contemporary foundations as well as structures of intimacy,
alienation, propaganda and related subjects under the umbrella of the French
expression „bouche à oreille“. Whereby, the expression
„bouche à oreille“ serves as a stepping stone for an artistic
discourse on some social and anthropological topics. By projecting perspectives
of a Chinese artist and a German artist, who have both lived under the realms
and constraints of a socialist system but have widely travelled, lived and
worked on several continents, the project aims at researching on this thematic
without geographical limits. While Mrs. Duan’s impulsive and perennial performance-pieces explore her
environment, human instincts and societal norms, Mrs. Kyselka’s
multi-media art pieces scrutinize the effects of heteronomy, dictatorship and
self-isolation on interpersonal relations from a socio-political point of view. In the course of the exhibition Yingmei Duan and Verena Kyselka will do several
performances and hold lectures on the topic of communication, especially with a
reference to the multifaceted Neukölln-society, as a case study. The vernissage will be opened on the 17th of April at 8.30 with a performance
of the artists! The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue!

Curator: Dr. Bonaventure S. B. Ndikung

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