Zimmerhof jewelry Simposium

Zimmerhof Schmuck Symposium 2009.
From 11. to 14. July, 2009

Zimmerhof is a yearly Reunion of Jewelry makers from all around the world. Three days of wonderful conferences and exchange in a relaxed atmosphere.

This year´s Zimmerhof has "Full of Facets" as Theme. Here the information from the organizers (Herman Hermsen & Sofia Beilharz/ Phylicia Gilijamse/ Maryvonne Wellen):

—With the theme “Full of Facets“ we would like to address to jewellery in all its diversity and richness. The symposium will be characterized by lectures from renomated jewellery artists and well-known designers who are specialized in contemporary jewellery and/or serie-design. Futhermore the program will contain theoretical
controversies and reflections.
New materials, innovative concepts and techniques like 3D modelling, rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing are going to be brought forward though presenting divers projects on this subject. Confrontations, different points of view to jewellery and new interpretations as well as definitions of the term jewellery will be discussed. We will focus on jewellery as an important, independent communication medium at the intersection with contemporary art, fashion and product design.
The program is internationally orientated with speakers from for example; Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria, thereby alumni students from academies though Europe will lecture about their works. According to tradition there will be a possibility for the visitors to present their own works on the jewellery table.
As usual the Zimmerhof Symposium is a place for international encounter, exchange of knowledge, communication, contact and not at least for partying together!

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