From the Caribbean to the old continent.

Five years ago I "exiled" myself to Germany, with the objective of learning the age old profession of manipulating metals and fire. No, not alchemy, but its sister, goldsmithing.

People always ask if I only work with gold, because of the name goldsthmith. Unfortunately, I say, my business has yet to grow for me to work in gold that often. But it does not matter for a goldsmith is not a person who works exclusively in gold, but one who works almost exclusively making jewelry as opposed to silversmiths, whose work is to create objects of bigger scale, such as cups, chalices, tea sets, candle holders, etc... and whose techniques and tools are quite different to those used by goldsmiths.

In fact, I have a lot of JOY from working with materials outside the traditional scope of goldsmithing and combining them in the most unorthodox ways in order to achieve objects which represent my aesthetic vision.

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