New Collection of LANAS Necklaces

New products have been added to my etsy shop
will continue to be added during the next few days!
For this
collection it has been hard to create a sort of system
to organize
these new pieces and then be able to present them.
On the one hand
because, although all necklaces share a same character,
each piece is
different from the others.
Different in lenght and amount and type of loops.

A little
bit like the way all "snouflakes"
are different from each other.

A great variety of colors for each of the necklaces comes into
the equation
as well (as much as I don´t like mathematics, here I was
equations and combinations and possibilities!)
And the possibility to combine different colored necklaces with each other!
And to wear them in different ways! Well, you don´t need to be no Einstein
to realize that there are about a gazillion possible combinations.

But , complexity can sometimes be a lot better expressed through simplicity.
And patience is the best tool to untangle complexity.

And the result can only be: stunning! beautiful! unique!

It starts with LIF and LUP


And then it progresses to many many many possibilities....

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