Deutsche Guggenheim, BERLIN

Anish Kapoor


Memory (2008), Anish Kapoor’s commissioned sculpture for the Deutsche Guggenheim, sits tightly within its gallery spaces—a twenty-four-ton, Cor-Ten steel tank, defined by its volume rather than by its mass. Its thin skin suggests a form that is ephemeral and unmonumental, defying gravity as it gently glances against the peripheries of the gallery walls, floors, and ceiling. Kapoor’s use of Cor-Ten steel and its inherent color properties relate the commission back to his early pigment sculptures. Rather than necessitating a coat of paint to smooth the interior curvatures, the sculpture’s 154 seamless tiles, perfectly manufactured to prevent any light from seeping through, read as one continuous form. These tiles create the necessary conditions for darkness and boundlessness within—the void.


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